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LM AUDIO PRODUCTIONS LLC (LM PROD.) is an audio/music production company dedicated to sonic art. LM PROD focuses on delivering high-quality multimedia music/audio and cutting-edge technology to realize your vision. 


Services include Music Production for Film/TV/Video Games, Sound Design, Foley, Audio Post Production, Dolby Atmos®, Immersive Sound, and Surround Formats (Auro, 7.1, 5.1), Home Theater, and Commercials.

The main studio is equipped with Dolby Atmos® 9.1.4, PMC 8-2s as main monitors, PMC 6-2s as surrounds, Dynaudio 18S as the main Subwoofer and Dolby Cinema Processor. It is fully supported for Dolby Atmos Mixing or any Audio Post-Production.

Led by Audio Director, Music Composer, and Sound Designer Geng Li. LM PROD has continued to push the boundaries of modern music and audio production in the entertainment industry.

Geng Li Personal Webpage:

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